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Technology for Future

Technology overall has been advancing in an exponential rate with latest keywords from cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence. The understanding behind is no longer left in the campus and laboratories but application and commercial market.
The panel is having the dialogue with industry leaders and scientists to learn more about the triggering points behind, the next blooming technology and impact to the city development in future.

Artificial Intelligence and Future

Artificial Intelligence and Future

What is the possible meaning of Singularity point of artificial intelligence and where are we heading to with A.I. in future? How should human being and leaders be more aware and ready to collaborate and work with artificial intelligence?

Biotechnology and Human Evolution

Biotechnology and Human Revolution: Robotics, Health and Cyborg

With a vast growth of biotechnology in human body with robotics, is there any future threat and concerns we may face? What is the opportunity and challenge? How would city development and planning be influenced with the new coming identity as humanoid?

Crypto-technology and Blockchain

Crypto-Technology and Blockchain: Web 3.0 and Future Internet of Things

Investment hype aside, is global economy ready entering new economy of doing business with cryptocurrency? What would be foreseeable impact of crypto-technology and blockchain? What is the thinking of regulations and management behind the technology? Where would government and banks position in the disruption?