Hackathon is a ritual of executing once in a life-time idea with diverse talents, from social scientists, architect to hackers and makers. Metro-Hackathon is the first UN Sustainable Development Goals oriented hackathon in 36 hours in Hong Kong for international delegates to smash ideas and break some eggs.

The hackathon goes with ideation, prototyping, consultation with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, and pitching to seed funders, university staff and professionals in sectors. 


Team up and Go prototype!

Delegates are divided in teams based on nationality, capacity and skills. Everyone can be a hero in hackathon. It is energy exhausting and brain hackathon-ing, but it is fun!

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Tired of your ideas and need some slaps in face? We get delegates some venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to share what they are doing and how they deal with innovation and actual market need. 

It is sad to build crap, but fail fast learn fast!

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Pitch the best

Ready? In 36 hours, delegates will be pitching in a comprehensive judging panel, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, university scholar and industry professional. 

Tell them your vision, rock your pitch, sell them your pen!