Human Matters Most to A City

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Future City and The Market Left Behind

City is a fundamental unit to a nation and its connectivity across cities and countries shapes the future of international development. Futu...

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The Definitive Guide To Navigating The Future: Modern Technology and Innovation At A Glance

This is heavy, Doc! Over the past few decades, technology has progressed at unprecedented rates in directions we never imagined, wit...

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A Turnover of an Indonesian Property Developer, after Future City Summit

As Future City Summit(FCS) is progressing towards its 2nd phrase of development, as a Hong Kong-led global development agent for the Global...

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From Imagination to Action, A Sharing of The Best Presenter in Future City Summit

Future City Summit(FCS) has been in Hong Kong and impacting emerging market for 2+ years and we are marching towards a better development an...

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