HONG KONG, "Pearl of the Oriental," the territory has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world, most surrounding Victoria Harbour. The city is at the heart of all global development agenda from "Greater Bay Area of China," "Belt and Road" and "Sustainable Development Goals by 2030".

The city's vibrancy and fundamental legacy of its hub for "Asian's Godfathers" lead to an ultra-high concentration of wealth and resources. "Victoria by the Bay," would the city once again lead the emerging cities in Asia, modern-day Asian's Tigers and Dragons to thrive?

SHENZHEN, "China's Silicon Valley," a global epicenter of hi-tech design and production by combining all aspects of the supply chain, design, and manufacturing processes in one place. It is the world's largest manufacturer of electronics, being the home of enormous contract manufacturers, tech giants, as well as a vibrant grassroots manufacturing ecosystem that is full of tens of thousands of smaller factories, design houses, and product integrators.

Being just 14 minutes of High-Speed Rail ride away from Hong Kong, Shenzhen was named as the most competitive city in China for business. Shenzhen's prime location amongst some of the biggest manufacturing cities in China brings the rest of South East Asia so much closer to your doorstep.

Accommodation Partnership

While delegates may choose to arrange their own accommodation in Hong Kong and Wuhan, package of the "Delegate Ticket with Accommodation Booking" is available. Click "Application to be Delegate" below to learn more about the packages available.