Q1: What is included in the packages?

Ans: This package includes the high-table dinner, entry to the conference sessions, site visit to HK's world-class facility, design-thinking workshop, hackathon and 5-night stay in HKU hall. Lunches are inclusive in the package as well.

Q2: Who can participate in this event?

Ans: Future City Summit 2017 is a student-led conference aims at connecting people from worldwide, facilitating the exchange of ideas and enabling students to experience cross-cultural working environment. We do welcome all the life-learner as well and you can definitely learn a lot from speeches from our prestigious speakers.

Q3: When will I know my application result?

Ans: It takes some time for us to review your application. To foster your application process, you may provide a more comprehensive portfolio and CV of yourself through the available spaces on the application form. 

Q4: Any other fees will be charged during the event?

Ans: No other fee will be charged in our activities. However, probably you need to manage the dinner on your own.

Q5: What are the places which included in the site-visit activity?

Ans: This includes the site-visit to CLP Power transmission control centre, T-park (a sludge converter), Happy Valley underground stormwater storage system, etc. Other site-visit activities are still being processed.

Q6: What other places I can stay if I do not live in HKU dorms?

Ans: There is a plenty of choices for the stay in Hong Kong. A cheap one can be Chongqing Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui or the hostel in Causeway Bay. However, we recommend you to stay in the dorm as you can have chances to communicate with people from worldwide.

Q7: Do I need a visa to come to Hong Kong?

Ans: Please visit the Immigration Department, HKSAR for details. (link: http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/visit-transit/visit-visa-entry-permit.html)