Day 1 - 2nd August 2017

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12:00 noon. - 4:30 p.m.

registration and connect

Incoming delegates would be arriving to campus of HKU to register to retrieve room keys, delegate information packs and get familiar and connected to each other. Also it is great timing to talk to us more and let us know your expectation and extra arrangement.

Anything to pitch specifically in the summit? Anyone specific to connect and refer? Talk to us and let us know!

Home-coming with High Table Dinner in St John's College, The University of Hong Kong. 

All delegates will be proceeded to St John's College for meeting and greeting college master with warm introduction of The University of Hong Kong and historic St John's College. The breeding ground of primary groups of social leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Delegates will be served with full courses of Cambridge style meals with guest speakership from Hong Kong leaders in government and industries.

CAmpus tour 

The University of Hong Kong is a century year old building, a milestone for success and metropolitanism of Hong Kong. Come with us to get familiar how this campus breeds the excellence. 

Cultural mixer

Future City Summit aims a wide combination of delegates, from professions, nationality to religion. We believe that a great start of a summit comes from a cheerful cultural mixer. 

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high table dinner

6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

High Table Dinner 1.jpg

Know the history and see the future

The origin of "High Table" goes back to physical layout of the dining halls of English colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In those colleges, undergraduates in their commoners or scholars gown would sit at long refectory tables. At the far end of the hall, on a raised platform or dais, a table was set for the master and fellows of the college who sat above the undergraduates at the High Table.

With the Master or Dean presiding, High Table now is a democratic affair and brought together selected students and faculty and administrative guests, while the whole idea was to provide an additional opportunity to bring them together.

High Table Dinner 2.jpg

interact, Enjoy and mingle

The High Table Dinner does not only serve as a meal for delicacy, but also a right timing to mingle with right people in right place. 

Delegates from all around the world would gather well in St John's College to share the great beginning moment of the summit. This serves as a platform for our all guests, speakers and delegates to network and interact. 

More importantly, this is the time to enjoy and learn from each other.