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“where imagination thrives for city”

Future City Summit (FCS) is a Hong Kong registered non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in February 2016 with a team of 4 founders, alumni of The University of Hong Kong.

FCS visions a flow of charisma and personality of future city that thrives imagination and entrepreneurship. Every year FCS missions to develop programs and conventions that bring young government, startup, corporate, university and other institutional leaders to confront addressing issues for future cities in emerging regions through public-private partnership.


Learn more about how Future City Summit has grown, year upon year, to reach it's third edition.


Where Future City Summit is heading to in coming 3-5 years?

  • Deep technology matters, and young government leadership in emerging Asia and Africa shall be crucial in governance and ahead of the pace of technology and innovation development.
  • Future will be about public private partnership acceleration with the progression of regional collaboration in emerging Asia with technology transfer being the key.
  • Community building in emerging Asia and Africa would be the next milestone for youth, from all backgrounds and sectors, to lead deeper thought discussion and breed regional government entrepreneurship.


Moving forward, Future City Summit is developing its second phase of development in capacity building and advisory on various verticals. Impact investment fund will be set and planned as separate entity for assisting follow up development.




Programs and Conferences

- FCS2019

- Season Programs

- Partnership Summit in Ethiopia, Palestine and Pyongyang



Capacity Building and Advisory

- National development advisory in future workforce, urban planning and governance.



Impact Investing and Development 

- Impact investing arm developed by Future City Summit

- Vertical of blockchain and resource vetting to families, offices and private investors on impact