What is YY Future  Cities Lab?


YY Future Cities Lab is a platform initiated by Future City Summit in collaboration with Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) Global to innovate and incubate social business ideas to build sustainable future cities.

The YY Future Cities Lab is branded to a provided co-working facility to infill with signed international resources in Asia and the World through SBYA and Future City Summit for more regional facilitation and incubation. The Lab will serve as an incubator and sandbox for feasible innovation of social business and its related sectors.

To develop a public-private partnership and to solve municipal level problems, FCS has initiated “Public-Private Partnership by Youth.” The “YY Future Cities Lab” will play a significant role to find out sustainable solutions for the cities by giving it a social business model.

The “YY Future Cities Lab” will focus on the concept of “A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions by Professor Muhammad Yunus” and focus on building future cities with zero net carbon emissions, zero poverty and zero unemployment.

The first event of “YY Future Cities Lab” will be held from 19-20th March in Manila, Philippines.

Why Participate and Engage?

Fireside Chat with Prof. Muhammad Yunus

“YY Future Cities Lab 2019, Manila, Philippines” is going to a three day long private and highly engaging program where the participants will get the opportunity to take part in a very interactive Fireside Chat with the honorable keynote speaker Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2006.

Interactive Knowledge Sharing Sessions

The participant will get access to panel discussions on “ Hybridized Entrepreneurship: A Fine Blending of Profit and Social Impact” and “Future of social business in Public-Private Partnership with the Unbanked Rural and the Suburban.”

Intensive Social Business Design Jam

“YY Future Cities Lab 2019, Manila, Philippines” will also host a very intensive two days long business design jam named, “The SocBus Design Jam.” After a highly competitive pitching competition, the top-rated three pitches will be awarded the exclusive opportunity to a roadshow in “Social Business Youth Summit 2019, Manila, Philippines (22 - 23rd March). It’s an exclusive pitch run for the “YY Future Cities Lab” design jam champions to pitch in front of the critical stakeholders of Social Business arena like Yunus Centre, Grameen Australia, SBYA Global, YY Goshti and so on. The best pitch will be awarded by Professor Muhammad Yunus and will be taken for three months mentorship and incubation supported by YY Goshti and Future City Summit. Other feasible ideas from the design jam will be connected to different facilities through Future City Summit resources globally too.

Establishment of “Emerging Future Cities Social Business
Network” and “The Three Zeros Lab”



Future City Summit, SBYA Global, YY Goshti, the representative from Yunus Centre, government officials, entrepreneurs, city partners from around the world will establish the “Emerging Future Cities Social Business Network.” With the establishment of Emerging Future Cities Network in August 2018 in Guangzhou, China, Emerging Future Cities Social Business Network is designed to establish with the setting of “The Three Zeros Lab” to accelerate the vision of Social Business based solutions for sustainable future cities in coming ten years.


YY Future Cities Lab 2019

Zero Net Carbon Emission || Zero Poverty || Zero Unemployment

Muhammad Yunus wants us to know that capitalism is doing just what it is meant to do: create and concentrate wealth. But in his book A World of Three Zeros, Yunus advocates rethinking the basic tenets of capitalism, given that poverty and unemployment demean so many, and that climate change threatens so much.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, known for his creative solutions to alleviating poverty, questions Adam Smith’s assumption that a “human being is a personal-gain-seeking being” and asks us to consider the social dimension to the decisions and investments we make. He lays out a new framework, supported by his successful economic experiments, for better tapping human capital to solve the world’s problems.

A social business, as defined by Yunus, is “a non-dividend company dedicated to solving human problems.” Investors who provide the capital to launch these businesses receive back their initial investments only. After the investment amount is paid back, profits from these companies are plowed back in and used to expand their services or products so more people can benefit. Unlike nonprofit organizations, there is no need to constantly apply for grants or fundraise because social businesses are “designed to create revenues and thereby become self-sustaining.”

Yunus makes clear with many examples that solutions are available and ready to be applied and expanded in both developing and developed countries. “For too long, we’ve tolerated the persistence of poverty, unemployment, and environmental destruction, as if these are natural calamities completely out of human control, or, at best, unavoidable costs of economic growth. They are not. They are failures of our economic system.”

He asks us to consider what would happen if we directed young people from the hunting for jobs, in which too many are unsuccessful, to creating jobs for themselves and others. And what if we made it much easier to do so through institutions designed to provide equity financing based on business ideas and not on the typical requirements that the poor or youth can’t meet?



Zero Net Carbon Emissions

Finding out the solution to increasing carbon emissions in future cities. Together during the SocBus design jam, the participants will come up with social business ideas which will focus on reducing carbon emissions and building a more eco-friendly future city.



Zero Poverty

Finding out solutions for reducing poverty to build a balanced future city. A city isn’t developed if a large portion of its population remains under the poverty line. During the design jam, the participants will find out social business ideas that focus on reducing poverty and making a more balanced future city.

Zero Unemployment

Finding out solutions for creating employment opportunities through social business entrepreneurship. During the design jam, the participants will work on designing social business models which create employment for a large number of people and make it sustainable for them. The ideas should have a social impact and also should create job opportunities for the citizens of the city.

Speakers, Judges & Mentors

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank Bangladesh

Lamiya Morshed

Executive Director, Yunus Centre & Grameen Healthcare Trust Bangladesh

Akkie Okma

Executive Coach and Counsellor, Okma Advice Netherlands

Dominique V Dauster

Managing Director, Yunus & You - The YY Foundation Germany

Matthias Gelber Greenman

Green Ambassador Germany

Jay Fajardo

CEO, Launchgarage Philippines

Sparky Perreras

Co-Founder and CEO, Pearl Pay Philippines

Edison Tsai

Executive Director, SeedIn Technology Philippines Philippines

Shazeeb M Khairul Islam

Founder, SBYA Global Bangladesh

Mel Songco

QSV, Philippines Philippines

Vinci Roxas

Founder, Roxas Kalaw Foundation, Philippines Philippines

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