Founded in 2016, the brand flagship Future City Summit has been infiltrating in emerging cities in Asia with the follow-up dedication of strategic development program partnership with local government units, private companies and institutes.

Dual Cities Summit

The Annual Meet of Future City Summit marks an annual review of performance of all stakeholders in the regions among the ecosystem, and leads to an insightful thought discussion among stakeholders and influencers in the region, serving the development background of Emerging Future Cities Network itself, and other regions such as Greater Bay Area and Asia, ASEAN Economic Community, Agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development, Africa Union 2060 and others.

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Optimising Cities: Can We Think and Plan for the Next 100 Years?

"We made a decision to project to “Year X” which was 100 years. Planners better appreciated the reality that planning decisions that were convenient now might not lead to results that would be convenient later." — Liu Thai Ker, Architect and Master Planner of Singapore.

Re-engineering Hong Kong (People): A City (and The People) That Matters Asia and The World For Current and Next 3 Generations

As challenging as the headline suggests, Hong Kong is considered a common global concern within the coming half of the century. This is commonly known that the old good legacy of Hong Kong “small fishery village” turned global financial hub vanished, upon the past 5–10 years of turmoil, socially, politically, economically and most importantly, psychologically.

Singapore: Would cities risk leaving millions of people behind with the unparalleled development of "smart cities" ?

With the support of World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization(WeGO), Choson Exchange, Good City Foundation(Future City Summit) and Asian Institute of City Management, Urban Innovation Forum was hosted in November 2019 in Singapore, the first inaugural forum for regional thought discussion on the latest urban design issues, solutions and trends in future.


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Session highlights


  • Family Offices
  • City Governments
  • Startups and MSMEs
  • Corporates
  • Think Tank and Academia


  • High touch of reunion of all Summit partners, alumni and new comers, a welcoming hospitality of Hong Kong traditional “East meets West” culture.
  • High level guest and partner address and welcome remark.
  • Classical music performance and home-coming networking.

Networking Drink

  • Social Media Live with High Media Exposure, Globally and Regionally.
  • Company Showcase and Exhibition.
  • Soft Announcement of New Initiation, in a Generation Z way.

victoria-side chat. keynote

  • Thought leadership discussion and learning for next generation of entrepreneur and policy leaders in emerging Asia.
  • Keynote messages to the expectation foster, further dialogue, and conversations.
  • Macroscopic sharing on the economic development and future trends.
  • Warm-up, and network through discussion in the breakouts afterwards.

Track 1.5 Hong Kong -
Asia Development Roundtable

  • Review of Performance and Impact Output in 2019/2020.
  • All Emerging Future Cities Network in Asia and Afric
  • Impact Fund and Rainmaker Ventures
  • Hong Kong development fund
  • Soft-launch of “Good City Foundation”
  • 6th Year Inclusive Roadmap
  • 3rd Stage of Development in 2020/2021

list of delegates and guests

what our attendees say


This is one of the most impactful events for establishing connections to Hong Kong with the Kingdom

H.E. Tauch Choeun,
Director General, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Kingdom of Cambodia Annual Meet 2018,
Future City Summit


The conference FCS brings in many and potential opportunities and resources for African reigns for development.

Dr. Monica Ebele Idinoba,
Principal Scientist, Human Resource Science Technology, African Union, Nigeria Annual Meet 2018,
Future City Summit


Congrats on organising a summit that pulls together such an interesting and diverse set of stakeholders.

Dominic Mellor,
Senior Economist, Asian Development Bank, Vietnam Annual Meet 2018,
Future City Summit

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.